Thursday, 29 August 2013


Just to let you know, I am still without my computer. Thay say I may loose all my Documents, pictures and information on it. I hope not. It isn't the hard drive thats broken. Something has tried to update itself and this is what has caused the problem. I am using Hubby's computer but it is very slow. so hopefully will be back at the weekend or early next week. I am feeling really lost without it, finding Hubby's computer slow can be frustrating at times. Hope to be back soon


Avril Ann said...

Sorry to hear this, Marlene, mines was the same about 18 months ago, fortunately I got a really nice guy who works from home, who sorted it for me, I bought an external hard drive and he was able to save most off my things, now I always back things onto it, as I thought I had lost all my pictures and Digis xxx

Sylv said...

I do hope they can sort it for you, your post has reminded me I should back up my work at least once a week, off now to do it.

Sylv xx

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