Sunday, 24 June 2012

An Award


I was given this award By Wendy, thanks so much

The Rules are :-
1) Add the award to your blog
2) Thank the person who give it to you
3) List 7 Random things about yourself
4) List the Rules
5) Give the award to 15 bloggers
6) Inform them by leaving a message on your blog

My 7 Random things

1) I have 3 Grandchildren - Jacob, Matthew and Adam
2) I Have two cats - Cassie is a tortoiseshell and Hobbes is  ginger and white.
3) I am a retired theatre Nurse ( due to an Industrial Injury)
4) I enjoy cooking
5) I live in Inverness with my Husband
6) I like to swim at our local Health Club
7) I enjoy walking as long it is flat.

I am passing this award onto:-

1. Caroline
2. Bernice
3. Nic
4. Vicky
5. Wendy
6. Edna
7. Sue
8. Jayne
9. Rachel
10. Lisa
11. Dianne
12. Mina
13. Kevin
14. Jane
15. Michelle


Caroline said...

Hi Marlene thankyou for thinking of me with the award but I have got a sign on my blog that I don't parcipitate in blog awards I just don't have the time. Thanks once again. Caroline xxx

Sue said...

Hi Marlene,
It's so kind of you to think of me but I also have a sign on my blog saying that I don't have time to participate in blog awards - sorry!!
Hugs Sue

rachel said...

Hi Marlene - thankyou so much for this award - I will pass it on to others - but I'll struggle to get 15 - will do it tomorrow - and thanks again! Big hugs Rachel xx

Wendy said...

Thank you Marlene, so kind of you to think of me, but sorry I also have a sign on my blog saying that I don't have time to participate in blog awards...So sorry!
Hugs Wendy xx

coops said...

thankyou so much for thinking of me marlene.i will blog my award asap :D

xx coops xx

Allthingsinky said...

I have only just seen this as i have been offline for a while,Thank you so much for thinking of me Marlene, I will stuggle to find 15 bloggers but i will try my best, and i will blog this on my blog now and i will do the rest when i am next off work which is next weekend, hope that is okay,
Thank you again
Have a great evening.

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